Through the past month the "User Experience" term has effectively joined my life. When I first heard of it I was imagining a simple and state of art solution to a front-end programming "problem". Well, with the little I've learned recently I can say I was way off with my first presumption.

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In a way I even thought there was some sort of tool or framework to develop UX, little did I know this concept is so vast an open to various definitions that our mind and its way to imagine yourself as a user is the best way to understand and work with User Experience. I have heard this term so much in the last few weeks in my new internship that it has sort of infiltrated my brain, though this might seem kinda forced that is the important part of the process: training yourself to always think of the User and its experience, the more you think about it, the better will be to whatever you're designing or developing.

As I was developing and working in projects recently I've come to realize how much more I've been thinking of the user and how creating and inventing nowadays can mean way more than just selling a product it can and should mean selling a unique experience to your user. Let's use apps as an example, UX can be a lot more than just enjoying to use an app, it can expand to how that app impacts you in your life and your day-to-day routines.

As I'm growing older I'm realizing how much value I put in into new and different experiences, how do I take them in my life and what I learned from them. People in general value experiences and they're what we take on as we evolve as citizens. Ok Matt, might have gone a little too far in the experience talk but what I was meaning to say is how important experiences are, therefore UX is so important.

To complete this piece as I gather all I tried to say learning UX has been an awesome new journey for me, it has been a great new experience actually, wow, how meta that was. To finish I would like to ask you that when you're developing/designing/creating, always keep your target user in mind, always think of how this new feature that you're doing suits best to your user and how is his new experience with that is going to be, never forget about the user. Finally, learning UX to me as of now has been focusing in creating new, awesome, diverse and fun experiences to your user.

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