Through the past month the "User Experience" term has effectively joined my life. When I first heard of it I was imagining a simple and state of art solution to a front-end programming "problem". Well, with the little I've learned recently I can say I was way off with my first presumption.

Southern Brazil road, Rio Grande do Sul.

In a way I even thought there was some sort of tool or framework to develop UX, little did I know this concept is so vast an open to various definitions that our mind and its way to imagine yourself as a user is the best way to…

Blue sky and some trees in the road to Gramado-RS, southern Brazil

I don't know if this is going to be read by anybody but lately I think I've developed the will to write. It started when I felt like I should put more thought in what I wrote in this Twitter fan page I have, that's when I realized there was a part of me that wanted and would enjoy to try to communicate more through words.

To be honest I don't really know what to write about, how to start or even if I have the writing skills that it takes to write neat pieces. I'll say this though, writing this little paragraph was already a little exciting so I hope to be around some more, for now this will be it.

Matheus Homrich

Computer Science student and Intern at Apple Developer Academy | PUCRS — Embracing every new experience and opportunity

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